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August 6th 2020

We've just released 5 CategoryPulse™ reports, designed to provide a deeper dive into specific industry trends as we compare consumer behaviors from before COVID-19 to present day. These free reports are intended to give you a better understanding of what's changed over the past six months and inform the way forward for your specific category. Today, we've released reports for the following categories:

  • Automotive Industry, USA Specific and Canada Specific
  • QSR / Restaurant Idustry, USA Specific and Canada Specific
  • FInancial Services, Canada

We'll be releasing more categories in the coming weeks, but if you have a specific topic of interest, please reach out.

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IMI International is an independent marketing consultancy focused on insight driving profit. With 50 years of experience and offices on 4 continents, IMI serves 150+ partners across multiple industries to optimize marketing spend effectiveness. IMI is recognized as an industry leader in offering its partners fact-based thought leadership, 24/7 accessible insight platforms and custom solutions.

We conduct and share global insights on a wide range of topics, our recent releases can be accessed via the links in the table above.

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