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COVID-19 Recovery 2021 - Wave 1

Recovery Wave 1

IMI NextWaveTM COVID-19 report, Recovery 2021 Wave 1. This wave provides trending from over 1MM people since February across 39 countries and current insight collected January 2021 from 100,000+ people ages 13+.

  • Section 1: Global trending of estimated end date, personal health and financial health

  • Section 2: Intention to return to Activities: currently, without full vaccination, requiring full vaccination

  • Section 3: Future of LIVE - Intention: Momentum with reopening: Events, community, and travel

  • Section 4: Date people will return: family & friends, travel destinations, travel mode, events, restaurants

  • Section 5: Case Studies 2021 Playbook V8

  • Section 6: 2021 Recovery W1 - i) What 'excites' people in 2021 and ii) Purchase drivers in the world of Recovery.

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Don Mayo

Don Mayo
Global Managing Partner

Don Mayo, Global Managing Partner, IMI

Don started his career helping sponsors understand key optimization drivers around the Calgary Olympics. Over the past 25 years he has worked with 1,000+ organizations across 40+ countries to champion the voice of the consumer, accelerating the performance of go-to-market strategies for every stage of the consumer journey.​

The driving force behind IMI’s focus on innovation, Don is constantly in search of more efficient and effective ways to garner relevant, compelling, better insight for partners… driven by the purpose of INSIGHT.DRIVING.PROFIT.​

A dynamic, sometimes provocative, always engaging speaker, Don has appeared on stages the world over and become known for his “straight-shooter” approach. With no lack of passion, he delivers undeniable value by being laser focused on the audience, working to enlighten, expand and empower better, fact-based business decisions. 

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