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For our Ecommerce: Winning in 2020 & Beyond report released on December 3rd, 2020, we talked to over 40,000 people across 39 countries between September 1st and late November. Our full report, available below, provides all-new insight surrounding the Ecommerce landscape and strategic best practices.

  • Section 1: The Global Acceleration of Ecommerce

  • Section 2: Exploring the Ecommerce Landscape

  • Section 3: Context Is Everything

  • Section 4: Developing an Ecommerce Strategy

This report was presented as part of a webinar. A recording of the presentation can be viewed here.

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Neal leads IMI’s North American client service team and is best known for translating consumer behavior into informed strategic solutions. Neal partners with 100+ clients in 60+ unique categories across North American with an expertise in brand communication and execution across all marketing tactics and verticals.

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