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The Performance of Feeling Good Report


Making people feel good drives purchase with over 70% of North Americans. In this 30-minute webinar, Vanessa Toperczer, SVP at IMI International uncovers:

  • The quantitative impact of 'making people feel good' as a purchase driver.

  • What consumers say drives them to 'feel good'.

  • What consumers say companies can do to make them 'feel good'.

  • The Top 10 brands that make people 'feel good'.

  • Case studies from these brands to learn what works and with whom.

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Vanessa Toperczer

Vanessa Toperczer
Senior Vice President

As an insight-driven leader, Vanessa is laser-focused on motivating marketers and the C-suite to make strong, fact-based decisions that accelerate their business and maximize ROI.

Fuelled by intention and curiosity, she has cultivated a 360-degree skill set in the marketing world encompassing Agency, Brand, Not-for-Profit, Social Enterprise and Consumer Insights. Her considerable expertise reaches across brand transformation and optimization, growth strategy development, communications strategy and articulation, product and innovation development, partnership and sponsorship strategy, and team leadership and empowerment.

Vanessa is inspired to help others discover a universe of possibilities beyond their own vantage point and empower them to focus on what is truly essential. This passion energizes her work with clients, as a sought-after speaker at events and conferences, and on board and committee roles she holds across multiple organizations.

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